Welcome to Shiomidai Clinic

I run an office and practice medicine in Kochi City. Kochi City is located on Shikoku Island and its population is about 320 thousand. Japanese archipelago consists of four main islands and Shikoku is the smallest one. It is hot in the summer, but it is comfortable in the other seasons here.
Kochi was ruled by feudal lords in the Middle Ages. There remains a castle in the center of the city. Now it is a museum and exhibits many old artistic handicrafts. Old armor and samurai swords are shown there. Samurai swords are believed to be the most beautiful weapon in the world.
My clinic is located in a newly developed town called Shiomidai whose population is about 4 thousand. Our town is built on a high hill in the suburbs of Kochi, so we can see a very beautiful view from the windows.
Most of the inhabitants of our town are young couples and their children. So most of my patients are children. I am happy to see beautiful children every day. A famous Japanese poet called Okura Yamanoue wrote a poem dedicated to children about 13 hundred years ago. The poem says, "Silver, gold and jewels are nothing. Any treasures are not so precious as children." It is my pleasure to help children and their parents.

My articles:

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